10 Tips for Reducing Back Pain Without Any Risk

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Many people believe that back pain is not a serious disease. They only consider that this is a natural condition due to the aging factor, or excessive fatigue after being in a certain position for a long time. As a matter of fact, this pain can lead to lots of serious problems. At first, the pain in the back may be very common and easy to relieve. However, when left untreated, back pain may even require surgery.

Back Pain Relief Ideas to Try Before Booking a Doctor’s Appointment

In order for back pain relief to be effective, you need to take into account a couple of factors. There are various treatments for back pain, depending on its main cause and how long it has occurred. There are lots of reliable sources for curing the back pain. However, it is always recommended to get medical’s advice before going down the medicine route. It is not easy to reduce back pain naturally, though it is very possible. This is especially true for lower back pain, which is usually caused by a person’s wrong position in sitting, sleeping, or lifting things.

So, if you suffer from lower or upper back pain, there are simple ways to relieve it.

1. Walking Around Slowly

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Many people with back pain consider that walking worsens their pain and as such, they try to avoid it altogether. However, the back pain will not vanish when you keep sitting or lying down. Walking around slowly can help your muscles to relax, helping your back muscles to adjust themselves into a normal position.

2. Regular Exercises for Back Pain

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People with very low frequency of exercise can easily suffer from the back pain. The reason is obvious, as the body is not too strong to maintain the spine alignment, which contributes to the proper body posture. The best forms of exercise for beginners include walking, swimming, and cycling. Yoga is also an incredible adjuvant in back pain, especially if you look into some of the postures that are proved to relieve lower back pain.

3. Changing Your Habits

Most people are not aware that their habits are actually the main cause of back pain. For example, women wearing high heels are more prone to back pain, but they continue to wear them nevertheless. Changing such habits can help them significantly in relieving, or at least, reducing the chance of lower back pain. Other common habits include sitting for a long time or lifting a weight with a bend forward position.

4. Taking Medicines

Taking painkillers for back pain is a common practice, but the thins is this should only be a last resort thing, and always after consulting a physician. Upper back pain may be caused by injuries, which only an experienced physiotherapist can cure. Definitely, taking painkillers require some advice from doctors or medical experts because they will cause several side effects like addiction or kidney’s problems. When painkillers don’t seem to be helpful anymore, most doctors will recommend antidepressants.

5. Reducing Weight 

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Obesity can cause lots of problems, and back pain is obviously one of them. Starting a healthy diet may not deliver an instant relief for the back pain, but it really helps. If you suffer from frequent back pain, you might lack calcium. Get your levels checked and if you have a calcium deficiency, try to introduce more veggies and broccoli in your diet.

6. Therapy

Therapy for back pain is different from regular yoga classes. Back pain therapy available for those with serious pain that lasts for a prolonged period of time. You can choose to use the advice and services of physiotherapists or even chiropractors.

7. Warm Treatments

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Using a hot compression pack is really helpful, especially for a mild back pain. The warm sensation can help relax the nerves. Put the pack on the painful area and relax for approximately 30 minutes.

8. Have a Look At Specialized Products

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Specialized back pain products are available for people with frequent, yet mild, back pain. They include home exercise tools, guidance books that contain examples of stretches to relieve back pain, electrical massage equipment, and so forth.

9. Stretching 

woman stretching on floor
Not everyone knows that stretching is very beneficial, though they are doing it every day. Stretching to relieve the pain is something that is very easy to incorporate into your routine and you can do it sitting for a long time. Stretching is also one of the best ways on how to relieve back pain during pregnancy.

10. Using The Right Support 

Choosing the right pillows and mattress plays such a great role in supporting the spine, in order to avoid unnecessary back pain. Sleeping in the wrong position is one of the main causes of back pain, so pay attention to the mattress and pillow, as well as your sleep position to alleviate pain or avoid it altogether.
These tips are suitable for everyone who suffers from low back pain. However, if you suffer from chronic pain, you may require medical treatment. If your pain lasts for weeks or even months, make sure you book an appointment with your doctor.

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