How to Choose the Best Mattress for Chronic Back Pain in 2017

We spend almost a third of our lives in bed, and as such, it is essential to find a mattress that is suitable for personal posture. When you suffer from back pain and sleep on the wrong mattress, you can actually experience a worsening of your condition. By choosing an ergonomic mattress for chronic back pain, you will encourage a good sleeping posture that relaxes the muscles and contributes to better sleep.

When you wake up with back pain, the first thing people do is incriminate their pillow or mattress. So what is the best mattress for chronic back pain? With so many models to choose from, ranging from latex to memory foam, it may be difficult to find the perfect mattress for your back problems. This guide will help you get what you need and enjoy a good night’s sleep every night.

5 Important Factors to Consider When You Buy a Mattress for Chronic Back Pain

Besides the material the mattress is made of, it is also essential to consider the intrinsic qualities of a mattress, as they contribute greatly to the quality of sleep. Here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress.

Firmness – Avoid Going Too Soft or Too Hard

The general idea is that a very firm mattress would be good for the back is not quite founded. Some people even try to place a board between the base of the bed and the mattress, but that is completely unnecessary as a matter of fact.

If you suffer from inflammatory pain and you move a lot throughout the night, you will notice that a very firm mattress reacts too rigidly to your body’s points of pressure. Sleeping on a very firm mattress when you have back pain may sometimes be similar to sleeping on a futon.

On the other hand, softer is not better either. A mattress that is too soft is more likely to sag under the middle area of your spine, which may lead to back pain caused by bad posture.

Type of Mattresses for Chronic Back Pain

Taking into account how important sleep is to your overall health and well-being, the mattress needs to be the first thing you’ll have to check if you start to suffer from neck or back problems. Nevertheless, because no matters can be quite expensive, it is often the last thing people chose to replace rather than the first. Old mattresses may cause serious damage to your spine, which may result in years of treatment and medical bins far exceed the cost of a new mattress. On top of that, modern technology means that you get greater comfort and durability with a new mattress than you did in the past.

Memory Foam Mattresses

After they have become quite popular in the 1960s, memory foam mattresses are still one of the first options for people who suffer from chronic back pain. Made of multiple layers of foam of different densities, memory foam mattresses respond to both temperature and weight, and provide a lot of comfort because they are able to contour the specific shape of the human body. For increased comfort you can choose a memory foam topper as well.

Memory foam mattresses are available in multiple densities measured in pounds per cubic foot. Those who want a mattress that is pressure sensitive should look for a low-density memory foam that often comes with a density of less than 4 pounds per cubic foot. Memory mattresses work well for those who have a hard time getting comfortable in bed, for those with some type of muscle pain, for sufferers of chronic fatigue, and more.

Latex Mattresses

Made from either natural or synthetic rubber, latex mattresses are known for providing a bouncy support that is very firm at the same in order to provide a uniform feeling throughout the bed. The comfort is similar to memory foam, but because the latex pushes back there is no support for the back with a latex mattress.

You can choose to use either a latex mattress topper or a latex mattress for relieving chronic back pain simply because they offer one of the best combinations around when it comes to support and comfort.

Air Mattresses

Traditionally used as an affordable camping or guestroom billing option, air mattresses also come in permanent, high-quality designs that appear almost identical to a regular mattress. these mattresses have air chambers on one side which are inflated to the desired level with the help of a remote control. Also known as air chamber mattresses, these mattresses have the ability to alleviate pressure points and maintain a good circulation of blood, which is very important for people who suffer from chronic back pain.

Air mattresses are also a good choice for back pain sufferers because they can distribute weight slightly differently from coil or foam matters. Most of the time, these mattresses become the ultimate choice for back pain sufferers, when everything else has failed. because they often come with air chambers, you can send your desired firmness individually for a personalized sleeping experience.

Waterbed Mattresses

These mattresses have become popular in the 1970s and 1980s and they work well for about back because you can easily adjust firmness level by changing the amount of water in the mattress. One of the most important advantages of waterbeds is that they can be safely heated.

Testing the Mattress

The way a mattress feels is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new one for your bedroom. It is important to test the mattress if possible before making a purchase. If you want to take advantage of the much lower prices you can get for purchasing a mattress online, look for a vendor that allows returns in case matters is not for your particular back problem.

Motion Transfer

An often overlooked factor when buying a mattress, motion transfer is something that is of utmost importance for those who suffer from chronic back pain. If you share your bed with your spouse, you will want to minimize motion transfer in order to maintain your optimal position while sleeping. A mattress that transfers motion means that you run the risk of being woken up when your partner changes positions or gets in or out of bed.  Look for a mattress that specifically says it does not transfer motion.

Heat Retention

The heat retention of the matters is an issue for most people, but the good news is that the vast majority of good mattresses these days features to help with this. Some features to look for if you don’t want your mattress to reach high temperatures that would make your sleep uncomfortable include phase change materials, advanced forms, and ventilation. As a rule of thumb, cheap memory foam mattresses are at the highest risk of retaining lots of heat.

If you think that all of this sounds overwhelming, it is always a good idea to purchase an online mattress that comes with a free return policy. Always remember that you are likely to spend more time on your bed than any other furniture item in your home, and if you suffer from chronic back pain, it is imperative to do your research and choose a mattress that will provide you comfort and well-being for the years to come.

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