Soothe Your Back Pain by Choosing Suitable Items for Your Rest

Back pain is a health problem that affects a significant part of the population at some point in our life. It can have many causes, and if it lasts more than three months, you should go to the doctor because it could be an inflammatory back pain, something that happens to one in twenty people suffering from chronic back pain. However, in many cases, it is nothing more than a pain in the lower back or low back pain, which is not associated with any serious disorder. These can disappear only with conventional measures, one of which is to care for the place where we rest the longest: the bed.

Depending on the cause, the back pain may be mechanical or inflammatory, although not forgetting that some infections, kidney problems, tumors and the so-called rheumatic polymyalgia, a process of unknown cause, may also be the reason for its appearance. As they often have similar symptoms, it is not easy to distinguish them with the naked eye, so you may need the help of a physician to determine the actual cause of the pain.

Tips to Help Avoid Back Pain

In this article, we will give you some tips to avoid back pain, which in the vast majority of cases work quite well, related to the three fundamental elements of rest: bed, mattress, and pillow.


Sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress can lead to serious back problems. If it does not provide your back with enough support, you will get bad posture because your back is not well aligned. The best choice is memory foam mattresses because they don’t have the tendency to sink. ; If you do not use a suitable mattress, the chances are that you end up dawning any day with low back pain. And another thing: although a good mattress cannot take away an inflammatory type of pain, it will help you get up from the bed more relaxed.

A recommendation for when you purchase your mattress: lie on the mattress face up and stretching the legs. If you notice that your lower back is naturally supported on your surface, you can be almost sure that it serves you; If, on the contrary, you make notes like a bow above it, do not venture to buy it.

That you do with a suitable mattress is important, but it will do little if you do not lean on a firm and balanced structure. You need a high bed and give good support, something you can simply achieve by putting some strips of plywood between the base or mattress and mattress. On the other hand, a large bed is always more advisable even if you sleep alone, as it gives you more freedom to move and achieve relaxed postures that help prevent or relieve back pain.


As for the pillow, you should choose one that suits your way of lying down and preferably of a medium-low height. Pillows with memory foam are recommended because they fit completely to your anatomy. And if you have the habit of sleeping on your side, you will find it useful to use a large pillow between your legs.

If you have noticed that you feel certain limitations in the daily tasks because of back pain, you can’t perform some movements, it may be because of not being able to sleep properly. One of the best tips for back pain we can give you if you already have it or want to avoid it, is to be generous with yourself when it comes to choosing your bed, mattress, and pillow. What you spend in money, you will gain in quality of life.

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